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I suppose that my passion for animation has its origin in my early childhood at the time when I began to read. As a young child I devoured adventure and fantasy novels, I especially remember reading Julio Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle, JRR Tolkien, and Tad Williams. When I wasn´t reading I was watching adventure films on television or cartoons, my favourite was Dragon Ball, but really I watched all of the programs throughout the day and I liked just about everything. The adventure and intrigue films were also favourites of mine and was especially attracted to Joe Dante, Steven Spielberg, and Jim Henson, their work kept my eyes wide open.
At that time I didn´t know who the directors were but I was very enthused by what they were doing, in particular everything which came out of Jim Henson´s studio. I didn´t know how those worlds and characters were created, but there was something which convinced me that they were real and that I could actually be there. With this in mind I began to create my own worlds, writing stories and interpreting them with my toys or with my cousins on sets which we made in the bedroom or in the basement.

Years went by and it was time to study, I wanted to study something related to cinema but nothing fulfilled my expectations: Production?, Image and sound?, Audio visual communication?, Fine Art? I went zigzagging down different roads bordering on the world of film until meeting Raul G. Eguia who had interests which were very similar to mine.

In 2004 we made our first short film with actors and after that experience we decided to make short stop motion film in 2005 because it was the only way to film in the places we wanted without working with actors. Raul is a marvellous character designer and at that time I was making sets for Warhammer. We didn´t know how to animate but we knew what we wanted to see on the screen. It was a year of hard work doing all of the building, designing, writing, animating, lighting, post- production and editing. We even composed the music since we both played instruments: piano, guitar, bass and drums. It was an incredible experience, without realizing it we were using all of the abilities which we had accumulated during our lives. After such a great experience we knew what we still had to learn: Animation!

After saving up money for a while we went to the other side of the country to study stop motion animation in one of the few schools which exist in Spain. There, we set out to make a new short film, this time we were a team of seven people, so everything would have to be six times better. As it turned out we ended up as just a team of two, my companion Raul and I working on the short film, Desde el averno, which won a special mention for the animation work.

The truth is luck has shined upon us because animation jobs started appearing for both of us in the same companies as set dressers and model makers. Perhaps we are not the best but we love the work we do and we are not intimidated by hard work, we can truly say that we really enjoy being animators!

When there is no work we continue to think about all of the stories that we would like to tell and how we could go about it and little by little between jobs there always are modelled characters on our worktables next to slightly wrinkled half- finished drawings and two computers full of frames. Although we don´t have much money there is always something to keep our characters alive: one more ballsocket, clay , a new silicone, new format poliurethane, a new paint mix....
experiment and try it out in order to advance!

María Moreira

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