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I have always loved Cinema and Animation. Since childhood I devoured all types of science fiction and fantasy movies and I was fascinated by all of those impossible worlds and beings. When I discovered that all of that existed in reality, that those worlds were models and puppets and that there were people that brought them to life, I knew I wanted that to be my profession.

After seeing "Wallace and Gromit- The Wrong Trousers" and "The Nightmare before Christmas" I became particularly interested in stop motion animation. In 2005 I made my first short film (with Maria Moreira) "Tras la Vigilia".
Afterwards, I worked at Alen Films as a puppet maker and set dresser.

In 2009 I completed the Master in Stop Motion program at 9 Zeros in Barcelona culminated with making the short film "Desde el Averno" which received the Premio del Público (public´s award) in "The Antic Horror Picture Show" and also the Special Mention for Animation Work in the Festival de Cine Fantástico in Sitges, Spain 2011.

Following, I continued working as prop maker for TV commercial advertisements like Freixenet and Estrella Levante.

My most recent work has been on the stop motion animation series "Clay Kids" from 2011 to the present.
Presently, I am also working on a personal animation project.

- Raúl Eguía -

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